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My Promise

Mariola Galazka Early Childhood Educator (daily program planning)

I have been a childcare provider since 1993. I have an Early Childhood Education diploma for both infant care & toddler care, and I have a diploma Special Needs Education.
Working with children is the most natural thing to do for me. After all these years, I am continually blessed to experience the world through my student's eyes. Children's view of the world amazes me; they are the best teachers. Also, they make me laugh out loud daily!

To honor your role as a parent and to partner with you in the care and development of your child.

  • you will feel completely confident and reassured when you leave your child with me.
  • you will know that I value your child as a unique individual to be nurtured, protected, and respected at all times.
  • you will know that committed, dedicated educators are caring for your child.
  • you will watch your child develop a love of learning and a rich imagination.
  • you will see your child develop strong bonds with me and the other children.
  • you will share in the joy of your child's experiences in my center through regular communication.
  • you will be treated as an important member of my family
  • you can expect me to listen carefully and respond quickly to any questions or concerns.
  • you will know that it is my privilege to serve your family.


Dear Ms. Mariola,
I'm sure you know how much our daughter, Sarah, enjoys preschool, and how happy we are as well. She comes home excited to tell us her stories about her day, share new poems and new songs with us. What we were surprised at, was when Sarah started reading, not just 3-4 letter words, but simple sentences too!
That is all thanks to you and your great work. We thank you; we appreciate all that you have done for our family.
Sue & Lee

Dear Ms. Mariola,
Thanks again for all you have done to teach Ava and help her develop into a confident little girl!
We appreciate it.
Michelle & Dave

Dear Mariola,
You have been so nice and thoughtful to our son.
Thank you for making Ryan's first year a memorable one. You show so much care and attention. I am eternally grateful!
Siva & Shawn Ambrose

Ms. Mariola,
All year you have worked so hard to make learning fun.
Thank you for everything that you taught me, and for taking good care of me.
You are the best!
With Love,

Ms. Mariola,
You are my hero! I look up to you because you are so good at what you do. No wonder everyone is such a big fan of you!
I want to thank you again for trusting me with the responsibility of looking after our kids.
It's rare that one comes across such a happy, funny, smart and strong person like you.

You are a fabulous person! Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to the children.
Thank you so much for being such as easy-going teacher. Your energy is great. It's hard finding great educators like you!
Monica Kabani and Staff from Leslie Diamond Daycare Vancouver