Magical Beginnings Daycare is a fully licensed, home-based child care centre that incorporates Reggio Emilia's approach with a play-based curriculum.

A play-based curriculum is essential to a child's wellbeing. This guides all aspects of our curriculum design and our approach to child care. Play explores relationships between people, materials and the physical environment. In addition, it provides the space for the child to recognize themselves as competent learners.

Using play scenarios, children invent and explore by themselves and with other children. It is here they bring together everything they have learned and are wondering about. In play, children represent and transform the world around them.

The Reggio Emilia approach is the belief that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults provide the basis for all learning. With these relationships in place, children develop a capacity for trust, competence, and independence that helps them grow as students and people.

We are committed to providing the space for ongoing exploration. Understanding the physical and emotional aspects of environment creates deep connections and a solid foundation for life-long learning.

Educator to Children Ratio: 1:8

Your child will be provided with a broad variety of experiences that will inspire curiosity, exploration and cooperation. These important pre-school years (2-5 years) provide the basis for learning for life - a foundation that builds your child for the future. Learning experiences with extended time for exploration occur indoors and outdoors, rain or shine.