We focus on:

  • active learning
  • attention and self-regulation
  • speaking and listening

Your child will learn:

  • self-help skills
  • about making friends
  • alphabet and number introduction

Your child is opening his or her eyes to the wider world and taking an active role in it, with boundless energy! We embrace that energy and channel it into active, sensory-based, meaningful experiences. We get to know each child, learn their interests, and plan developmentally appropriate, engaging play based activities that pave the way for lifelong learning.

At Magical Beginnings Daycare we emphasize your child’s development, rather than specific age, because all children grow and learn at their own pace, and in their own unique way. Activities are designed to address the individual needs and abilities of each child.

Children will spend their day exploring their world with ample opportunities to make choices on the types of activities they are interested in both the indoor and outdoor environment. Language and music experiences will be available daily as well as many opportunities to develop fine motor and creative expression skills. Nap times will still be provided for those children that need it, parents pack lunches for the main meal of the day with snacks prepared by the daycare.

We’ll help your child understand routines and offer activities to develop emerging mental and physical coordination skills. For toddlers and two-year-olds, small group experiences introduce collaborative learning in a comprehensive program focused on:

  • Cognitive development
  • Language development and communication
  • Physical development and health
  • Social and emotional development

Lesson plans are customized to the unique needs and strengths of the children in that class, while the classroom is designed to provide a comforting, stimulating environment.